Ken Lagasse is a senior tax specialist and founder at TaxWatch Canada LLP. After more than 35 years helping businesses and individuals not only minimize their taxes but use taxes as revenue generators he is still very avid about helping businesses and individuals thrive.

To go the extra mile (in addition to the content on this site and the free guides) Ken has created unique, insightful and entertaining dispatches from what he calls "The Third Side" that may well make a big difference for you or your business. They are available as regular messages to anyone who downloads any of the free guides available on this site. As well you will hear from the Tax Butler and much more.

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Corporate Tune Up Check List
Every Day Brings New Challenges. You are Ready, but is Your Corporation?

Is your corporation fine tuned and giving you all the performance you need and want? A little tweak can make a big difference. Find out what improvements are available by getting the Free Corporate Tune Up Checklist.  It's a very quick but thought provoking read.

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Many people are avoiding what can   be a powerful revenue generator.

In our many years helping clients realize solid positive outcomes involving thousands of encounters with tax and financial situations, there are recurring situations that frequently and needlessly complicate matters.

Simply put, a natural aversion to paying taxes often creates mental and emotional roadblocks to what literally can be a personal or business revenue generator. In other words: avoidance of dealing with taxes often results in missing opportunities to save taxes - which can be a strong revenue generator for you.

Revenue Generating Results
At TaxWatch Canada we take it a step farther where we specialize in certain tax services so we can be well versed at delivering those revenue generating results.

We mention the following circumstances to let you know we welcome addressing these often unspoken impediments to action as quickly as possible in order to better help you.
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Is Your Corporation Ready for What You Want to Achieve?

  Ways to Increase Cash Flow   

  How to Improve Structure to Capture Opportunities
How to Provide Better Protection for Directors & Shareholders

  Updating  Shareholder Privileges and Rights

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The Advantage of Specialized Tax Services


TaxWatch Canada LLP specializes in numerous situation based tax services. We offer optimized results for an afforable price. We are not a factory - more of a specialty environment that customizes services for each client.  We respond quickly to urgencies, provide access to senior personnel, and can be the personable tax ally you seek. Click on the service that interests you to get more timely information and free guides that will start you on your way to more postive outcomes.

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Avoiding the situation long enough for CRA to escalate their actions to seemingly punitive levels.

Uncertainty about how to respond to CRA requests and often intimidating collection calls that may cause unnecessary anguish.

Assuming progress is impossible because of the lack of records or difficulty in accessing needed information.

Speculation that viable solutions are not available or that accepted interpretations of the tax law could not be used to your advantage.

Researching to solve the problem with information or help that is not sourced from those that are knowledgeable and experienced and actually operate a professional tax practice.

Trust issues.

Not familiar wih engaging professionals or imagining it is too expensive or time consuming. 



Specialized Professional Service

Incorporating in Canada

TaxWatch Canada offers one of the most attentive and useful incorporating services in Canada. We gather and activate all the wealth and tax saving strategies you can use in your new Corporation.

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Free Guide
The Seven Huge Advantages of Incorporating

Wealth generating advantages of incorporating simply explained. Much more!

Canada CRA Guide
First Advantage - Effective Tax Rates                                                          

Second Advantage - Short-term Tax Holiday    
Third Advantage - Creditor Proofing

Fourth Advantage - CRA Audits    

Fifth Advantage - Asset Transfers That Establish Tax-free Monies               

Sixth Advantage - Tax-free Allowances  

Seventh Advantage - Capital Gains Exemption

...and much more.


Specialized Professional Service

It's a delicate situation. Therefore, it's likely you  looking for the consummate specialist, not too expensive, and right on the mark for understanding your situation. Next up is the plan (tax compliance strategy) and the help to bring you up to date regarding filing your corporate or personal tax returns in a timely manner. Saving tax,  minimizing penalties and dealing with CRA are important too. This Guide is for you. Contact us for a free, in depth  consultation.

Free Guide
The Essential Guide for Late Tax Filers

This Essential Guide is Crucial for Late Filers!
It will go a long way to improving your situation almost immediately.  No hype. No guff. No selling.


 Seven Potential Consequences of Unfiled Taxes

  Four Things You Must Consider

  Five Ways CRA May Find You

 Is Voluntary Disclosure Necessary?

  Four Things You Need to Know

and a few surprises

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Specialized Professional Service

Free Guide
What You Need to Know About ABIL Claims

Many people are wondering how to claim tax refunds or tax reductions related to their investment losses in a Canadian privately owned corporation. An ABIL loss can be applied to reduce taxable income.

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Find Out

Maximize Your Allowable Business Investment Loss (ABIL) Claim!

How to Qualify for an ABIL            

  Eight Common Situations That Can Trigger a Successful ABIL Claim
Critical Factors for a Successful Claim
Get the Best Evaluation 

...much more


Specialized Professional Service

Circumstances Change. Fast. Business Needs. Personal Situations. Legislation. Your Corporation Needs to Keep Up.
A corporate tune-up or major structural overhaul involves the big picture and responds to those rafts of intentions - all with the purpose to take advantage of proven useful techniques to safeguard your hard won assets and improve your cash flow position. The taxes saved or postponed, combined with other advantages (e.g. estate and succession planning) had better make the effort and cost more than immediately worthwhile. We understand. Plus, savings and advantages should continue to manifest year after year. Now that's a good tune up. 

Valuable Free Guide
The Essential Coporate Tune Up Checklist

Is Your Corporation Ready?
What Do You Want to Achieve?

Corporate tax


  How to Improve Structure to Capture Opportunities
  How to Provide Better Protection for Directors & Shareholders

Updating  Shareholder Privileges and Rights

Ways to Increase Cash Flow

What you can really do with your corporation

...much more

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